Acadeum Solutions

Armed with the ability to strategically flex their course offerings to give students more options, the Acadeum network of institutions are pioneering new ways to overcome barriers to student success and develop structural solutions.

3 leading student progress solutions

Regain Good Academic Standing

Help students regain good academic standing by replacing low grades to meet minimum GPA requirements and avoid perpetual probation.

Summer Progress

Supplement Summer term offerings to give students more options to catch up, get ahead or relieve Fall/Spring scheduling pressures while enhancing the quality assurance of courses taken off-campus.

Student-Athletes Support

Work with coaches to monitor student progress and offer course options to student-athletes to meet and exceed credit-hour and GPA thresholds for participating in athletics.

8 more student progress solutions

Support Winter Term Progress

Supplement Winter term offerings to give students more options to catch up, get ahead or relieve Spring scheduling pressures while enhancing the quality assurance of transfer courses taken off-campus.

Optimize Scheduling with an Expanded Curriculum

Use advanced scheduling approaches and course sharing to schedule more efficiently, reduce under-enrolled and over-enrolled sections, and reduce reliance on overload resources, thereby reducing costs, increasing student ROI, and freeing up faculty to focus on teaching majors, faculty-student research, and advising.

Enhance Mid-term Interventions

Withdraw students from courses they are failing and steer them to consortium course options to help them avoid poor grades and stay on track for upcoming courses.

Degree Completion Pathways

Use the consortium model to fill gaps in degree completion pathways to be able to show prospective students how they can complete their programs in an accelerated time frame.

Complete Early Graduation Walkers

Offer additional options to finish out students who were allowed to walk at graduation but had not completed necessary credit hours.

Bring Back “Stop-Outs” to Complete

Access courses to provide stopped-out students pathways to complete their degrees on-campus or remotely.

Streamline Transitions with Teach-Outs

Use the consortial model to access courses for students in programs that are being taught out.

Scaffold with Developmental Math

Access developmental courses enhanced by leading educational technologies and robust support.

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Simple Tools, Profound Impact

Easily Approve Consortial Courses

Review and approve online courses from consortial partner schools

Student Registration Portal

Provide students the ability to directly request registration in needed consortial courses.

Automated Inter-College Payments

Efficiently pay consortial partner schools using electronic payments.

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