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Discover How the Acadeum Network Can Support Your Institution

Acadeum helps institutions apply the right solutions to quickly expand academic portfolios with in-demand certifications, courses, programs, and degrees to attract and retain learners along the education-career continuum.

Provide Support When Students Need It Most

Course sharing gives students the options they need to stay on track for timely graduation, re-take courses where they struggled, or get ahead to graduate early. When unexpected challenges arise, offering a selection of pre-approved courses via Acadeum is a way to help students avoid potential roadblocks to academic progress. Course sharing helps learners:

  • Regain academic standing
  • Overcome barriers to completion
  • Make progress over winter and summer terms
  • Open up scheduling flexibility
  • Ensure athletic eligibility

Support Student Progress

Focus on Your Institutional Strengths

What’s holding your institution back from meeting its goals? Supplementing your academic offerings with select courses from partner schools can help expand programs and credentials, create essential points of differentiation to help drive enrollments, and better prepare students with majors aligned to in-demand careers. Acadeum helps institutions:

  • Offer new courses, programs, and credentials
  • Enhance existing offerings
  • Build or expand in-demand programs
  • Attract new student populations

Bolster Academic Innovation

Streamline or Replace Cumbersome Workflows

As a replacement to traditional transfer credit, course sharing saves students time and frustration, reduces transfer bottlenecks, and helps institutions to recover lost revenue. Rather than determining course equivalency and transfer eligibility on a one-off basis, Acadeum’s platform offers transparency and peace of mind, with access to syllabi, learning outcomes, and faculty credentials. Use course sharing to:

  • Eliminate transfer hassles
  • Maintain quality oversight
  • Apply student financial aid
  • Count courses toward full-time status
  • Apply grades to maintain academic eligibility

Create Institutional Efficiency

Improve Retention and Expand Reach

With Acadeum, institutions generate revenue by retaining students who risk dropping out, offering them access to the courses they need, and by selling open course seats to like-minded institutions. Expanding academic offerings by delivering in-demand certifications and programs ensures your curriculum mirrors market demand. Additionally, Acadeum works with leading industry partners to help institutions grow enrollments and create continuing education opportunities. Acadeum helps you:

  • Fill open course seats
  • Win back stop-outs or drop-outs
  • Build alternative revenue streams
  • Expand your geographic reach

Generate & Recover Revenue

“We’ve had strong demand for online learning, so it’s been great to have a partner and leverage those instances where we can offer online options and find a match through another partner institution. It keeps our students on track and on the path to graduation–we are retaining them in the short term and in the long term, seeing them cross the stage.”

-Joel Worden
Assistant Vice President and Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Connecting with the Acadeum team was wonderful…I had the opportunity to explore new possibilities for course sharing to advance the scope of our academic offerings.

-Aimee Sapp
William Woods University
Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs

We’ve used the Acadeum platform for transfer options, GPA recovery, teach outs, and keeping up with pacing for graduation. The amount of selection on the platform…it’s extraordinary.

-Ron Lonzo
Tiffin University
Vice President of What’s Next

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