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Acadeum Skills Marketplace

Acadeum Skills Marketplace enables colleges and universities to launch a customized marketplace with a branded storefront to bolster current learner employability and attract new learners along the education-career continuum.

Prepare students with in-demand professional and industry certifications

Stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment by expediting curriculum advancement of workforce-aligned certifications to meet demand.

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Increase access to high-quality credentials with stackable pathways

Better serve current students, faculty and staff, and alumni while creating return pathways for stop-out learners by increasing access to in-demand certification offerings by a trusted institution.

Align with corporate partners and regional workforce needs

Stackable certificates help today’s learners integrate education and career milestones along a life-long learning pathway.

Bolster Learner Employability

Acadeum Skills Marketplace helps your institution expand its academic portfolio beyond your traditional programming to bolster learner employability and reach new learner populations. Curate workforce-aligned certifications, training, and learning modules from in-demand providers, as well as your own institutional curriculum, to make your own branded marketplace. With a storefront customized to your institutional branding, you have a new strategic tool to market to alumni and workforce populations, as well as retarget learners who have previously stopped or dropped out.


Discover Skills Marketplace

Workforce Needs are Changing, Can Your Institution Deliver?



Recent Hanover research discovered

of adults considering enrollment in a higher education program now prefer non-degree pathways




Recent Hanover research discovered

of employers surveyed are more likely to hire a candidate who has earned a professional certificate



Recent Hanover research discovered

increase in enrollment in undergraduate non-degree credentials between spring 2022 and 2023

Connect with Learners Across the Career-Education Continuum

With Acadeum Skills Marketplace, institutions can provide learners the ability to increase earning potential, bolster employability, and demonstrate skills while creating achievable milestones with life-long learning opportunities. This learner pay-as-you-go model removes barriers to entry, attracts new pipelines, and helps colleges and universities bridge education and career pathways.

  • Reduce the challenges of finding high-quality online credential and training options
  • Access vetted learning offerings from a trusted institution
  • Discover educational pathways that stack into an education continuum to advance career opportunities

The future for nontraditional education is certificate programs that lead to pathways into an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, and even certificates at the graduate level that can turn into a graduate program. That’s what our [students] want.

-John Shannon
Trine University

Employers, and potential employers, want short educational opportunities to skill up through certificates and microcredentials that are verifiable.

-Dr. Patrick Bennett
Franklin University
Vice President of Academic Quality and Planning

“Today’s learners have drastically changed and have characteristics that require a lot more agility as they are coming from first generation households, are working full or part time, have dependents at home, and many will transfer to multiple institutions across their educational experience. Nearly 75% of the current undergraduate population exhibit some of these characteristics.”

-Eugene So, Managing Director of Lifelong Learning
Jobs for the Future

Colleges and universities must ensure that students can compete in an increasingly fast-changing, and often volatile, labor market. Augmenting degree pathways in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences with skills, experiences, and credentials give students a holistic education and a competitive edge in the workforce.

-Dr. Marjorie Hass
The Council of Independent Colleges

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The Acadeum team comprises educators and former academic leaders of institutional and system-wide online learning initiatives. With proven experience in launching innovative curricular models across institution types, our team can provide consultation and architect solutions customized to your institutional needs. Contact us today.