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Colleges and universities have a long history of working together for a common purpose. Acadeum creates new opportunities for collaboration among private and public institutions that can strengthen systems and individual institutions.

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Connect and Collaborate

Help institutions in your network partner to support student progress and innovation

Course sharing boosts student progress, supports curricular flexibility, and eliminates process inefficiencies, all while offering opportunities for members to innovate.

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Offer New Benefits

Unlock value for your members with a vast academic network

Acadeum helps colleges of all types leverage offerings from like-minded institutions to expand their capacity to serve students with in-demand certification, courses and programs.

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Help Members Thrive and Support Learners

Acadeum helps colleges and universities attract and retain the modern-day learner

Learners are imagining degree completion in new, innovative ways. Expectations have shifted, resulting in the need for flexibility in degree pathways and offerings along the life-long learning continuum. Acadeum can help bolster curriculum offerings to meet learner needs.

Connecting Members

In these challenging times, colleges and universities are looking for new approaches and strategies to attract and retain learners. Your association is uniquely positioned to help them address these challenges collaboratively so they can focus their limited resources on their areas of greatest strength and differentiation. Explore how associations are helping hundreds of colleges integrate our strategic solutions to support student progress and institutional success.

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Supporting Students

The typical student journey in higher education is littered with roadblocks and disconnection. To truly support students, institutions must find new and innovative ways to work together. Discover how associations empower their members to collaborate to impact student success, equity, and workforce development.

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Explore the Networks We Power

Acadeum powers the world's largest course-sharing network, incorporating cooperatives created by like-minded institutions and educational associations.

This partnership is really exciting for us. It allows us to make accessible something that the institutions want to do, but oftentimes have not been able to provide.

-Nia Haydel
Complete College America
Vice President, Alliance Engagement and Institutional Transformation

By leveraging existing, high-quality courses, we can enact overdue changes that take a student-centered approach to completion.

-Dr. Yolanda Watson Spiva
Complete College America

This new consortium will help community colleges better meet learners’ needs by arranging student access to courses that are unavailable at their home institutions.

-Cynthia Wilson
The League for Innovation
Learning and Chief Impact Officer


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