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Solutions to Meet Your Goals

Acadeum offers strategic solutions to expand academic capacity of the community colleges in the network.

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Improve Persistence with Expanded Offerings

Support students on their path to a degree or credential by eliminating hurdles to progress

Course sharing boosts student progress by reducing scheduling barriers, helping students meet prerequisite requirements, enabling time-pressed students to access flexible course options, and much more.

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Attract and Retain Modern-Day Learners

Expand programs, create new certificates, and support dual enrollment

Learners are imagining degree completion in new, innovative ways. Expectations have shifted, resulting in the need for flexibility in degree pathways and offerings along the life-long learning continuum. Acadeum can help bolster curriculum offerings to meet learner needs.

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Increase Stackable Pathways and Employability

Deliver in-demand certifications and stackable certificates for learners along the education-career continuum

Acadeum helps community colleges increase offerings to expand their course catalog and their capacity to serve more students with in-demand certifications, courses and programs to bolster employability while meeting regional workforce demand.

Supporting Community Colleges

Often, community college students face significant obstacles on their educational journey. Acadeum helps community colleges connect students to the courses they need while also:

  • Reducing instructional costs and recapturing revenue lost to transfer
  • Filling gaps when faculty are unavailable
  • Serving new student populations, including high school and dual enrollment learners
  • Overcoming capacity issues that delay student progress
  • Ensuring students maintain velocity to completion

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Supporting Students

Community colleges offer an important pathway to economic equity for the students they serve. Unfortunately, far too many students never earn a degree. Serving the needs and interests of this diverse student population, many of whom work full time, means being open and flexible to their needs. Acadeum can help you address the challenges that impede progress and persistence early and provide the support students need to meet their goals.

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Explore the Networks We Power

Acadeum powers the world's largest course-sharing network, incorporating cooperatives created by like-minded institutions and educational associations.

“Course sharing helps students stay on their path in different ways. Before course sharing, we sent students to another institution to take a course in December because we didn’t have options. Now, course sharing gives us a ton of flexibility.”

-Paula Whitman
Vernon College
Division Chair of Math and Science

“The main benefit of course sharing for the campus is offering other options because so many of our students are working students and have a day job. They must take night classes, but we don’t offer that class online without course sharing. Our driving factor is offering additional options for those students who need to supplement their schedule.”

-Brandon Higgins
Texarkana College
Executive Director of Enrollment

“As a rural school, we’re landlocked. Part of our challenge is finding instructors to teach some higher level science and math courses, and we traditionally haven’t had enough students to run a full course. We started course sharing to help us staff and offer chemistry, physics, and higher-level math courses.”

-Gabe Lewis
Ranger College
Dean of Students

“Course sharing fits our mission of serving students where they are.”

-Steve Kabrhel
Community College of Baltimore County
Dean of Online Learning

This new consortium will help community colleges better meet learners’ needs by arranging student access to courses that are unavailable at their home institutions.

-Cynthia Wilson
The League for Innovation
Learning and Chief Impact Officer


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