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Higher education faces many challenges. Demographic shifts, rising costs, low graduation rates, the need to address issues of access and equity, and volatile revenue and funding models are just some of the headwinds that colleges and universities face.

But the history of higher education is one of resilience, adaption, and evolution.

Today, hundreds of institutions use Acadeum’s course-sharing platform to meet students’ needs while focusing resources on programs and courses that are most strategic to their futures. Acadeum helps institutions increase revenue, improve enrollment management, address the tangle of over-and under-enrolled courses, and streamline the system of managing transfer credits.

Our Impact at a Glance

Student Savings
New Revenue for Institutions
Sections (725K+ available seats)
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How Schools Use Course Sharing

Explore 11 ways institutions use Acadeum to support student progress.

Regain Good Academic Standing

Help students regain good academic standing by replacing low grades to meet minimum GPA requirements and avoid perpetual probation.

Summer Progress

Supplement Summer term offerings to give students more options to catch up, get ahead or relieve Fall/Spring scheduling pressures while enhancing the quality assurance of courses taken off-campus.

Student-Athletes Support

Work with coaches to monitor student progress and offer course options to student-athletes to meet and exceed credit-hour and GPA thresholds for participating in athletics.

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