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Why Work with Us

Expand Course Catalogs

Broaden access to courses students need, when they need them, keeping them on track with Acadeum Course Share

Launch New Programs

Maintain a competitive edge while meeting student and workforce demand with Acadeum Program Share

Deliver Certifications

Provide access to affordable professional certifications to bolster learner employability with Acadeum Skills Marketplace

Reach New Populations

Discover opportunities to attract high school, workforce, international learners through the vast Acadeum network with Acadeum Degrees Marketplace

The Modern-Day Learner

Learners are imagining degree completion in new, innovative ways. Expectations have shifted, resulting in the need for flexibility in degree pathways and offerings along the life-long learning continuum. More than 475 higher education institutions use the Acadeum network and technology platform to expand academic capacity, helping to keep learners on track to graduation, generate and recover revenue, bolster existing or launch new programs, and attract new populations of learners with workforce-aligned curricula and stackable certifications.

How We Help

Acadeum helps colleges and universities address critical challenges to thrive in an era of profound change.

Student Progress

Improve retention and graduation rates with robust scheduling options to provide learners with the courses they need when they need them

Academic Innovation

Expand in-demand offerings with select courses and certifications from a vast academic network to launch new programs

Institutional Efficiency

Simplify the transfer credit process and create more equal access to academic and workforce opportunities

Increased Revenue

Reach new population of learners to grow online online enrollments while keeping at-risk, tuition-paying learners enrolled

Why Acadeum



Institutions in Our Partner Network

Acadeum provides the infrastructure, academic expertise, and support for institutions to attract and retain the modern-day learner. Learn more.



Online Courses Completed

Leveraging the Acadeum network, learners receive course credit and grades for completed courses, maintain residency requirements, and retain the ability to leverage financial aid. Learn more.



Program Pathways Available

Create points of differentiation and meet regional workforce demand



Courses Available Now

Access to syllabi, learning outcomes, and faculty credentials within the Acadeum network provide quality assurance and transparency into course offerings. Learn more.



Online Credentials Available

Curate workforce-aligned certifications, training, and learning modules from in-demand providers as well as your own institutional curriculum



Term Starts Per Year

Keep learners on track, no matter the time of year, with frequent course starts and a variety of course lengths available

Who We Serve

Check Out Our Podcast

Welcome to the Partnerships for Progress Podcast, conversations to fuel innovation in higher education. Like all industries today, higher education is figuring out how to navigate an increasingly digital landscape. Disruptions caused by technology have changed how learners approach learning and prepare for the evolving expectations in the workplace and how institutions operate. This podcast features discussions with industry and academic leaders to highlight how collaboration and partnerships can help institutions innovate and thrive amidst these rapid changes.

Completion is top of mind for our students…they cannot afford to spend extra time and money. Course sharing has been an opportunity to give students a path forward.

-Jamila Lyn
Benedict College
Director of Specialized Programming

I’ve had a number of wonderful discussions with the Acadeum team…specifically about our plan to embed professional certificates in our courses through Acadeum’s relationship with Coursera. These are exciting times.

-John Shannon
Trine University
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Through Acadeum, we can course and even program-share more easily, allowing us to meet the demand for new degrees in much less time and cost.

-Ted Song
John Brown University
Director of Innovation

Let's Connect

The Acadeum team comprises educators and former academic leaders of institutional and system-wide online learning initiatives. With proven experience in launching innovative curricular models across institution types, our team can provide consultation and architect solutions customized to your institutional needs. Contact us today.