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Discover How Course Sharing Can Boost Student and Institutional Success

Acadeum helps institutions apply the right course sharing use cases to retain students.

Provide flexibility for today’s learner

There are many student populations that risk falling behind academically. Implementing course sharing can open up scheduling flexibility with online offerings, allow students to make progress in summer and winter intersessions, and reduce stop-outs and dropouts.

Allow for academic recovery

Students with one or more course outcomes of a D,F, or withdrawal have a much higher risk of dropping or stopping out. Implementing course sharing creates new opportunities for grade recovery and academic progress.

Reduce course scheduling barriers

Students are often faced with schedule conflicts due to frequency and sequencing. Implementing course sharing can allow students to choose online courses to meet their major and graduation requirements while institutions maintain autonomy over course offerings by allowing faculty to select and vet approved courses.

Academic Leaders’ Guide to Supporting Student Progress

Learn how course sharing can create significant and measurable impacts on academic operations while aligning to institutional missions and goals:

  • Offer intersession courses with minimal lift to help students stay on track to graduation
  • Meet faculty resourcing needs through a vast network of like-minded institutions
  • Create course and program sustainability through collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Increase student access across learning environments

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Hear from Institutions Within the Acadeum Network

Discover how institutions within the Acadeum network are using course sharing to support student progress.

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Fulfilling Graduate School Prerequisites through the Acadeum Network

Discover how Mia Douglas, a May 2024 graduate of Benedict College, utilized course sharing to help obtain the prerequisites she needed to get into the graduate program of her dreams.

We proactively identify and alert students who are not on track to graduate on time. We recommend specific course sharing courses to help students get back on track, and it works.

-Megan Hicks
Cornell College

Our coaches work directly with faculty academic advisors to help scholar athletes remain eligible. We plan to use winter term courses to ease the pressure created by spring sports travel.

-Dr. Susan Burns
Clark University
Vice President for Academic Affairs

We have a large population of active-duty military students. We are always looking for online options for those students as our online courses fill up very quickly on campus. By utilizing course sharing and Acadeum, we’re able to provide a whole new list of options for those students.

-Meagan Word
Angelo State University
Director of Student Academic Progress

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How can course sharing help you achieve your goals?