Our Team

Joshua Pierce
CEO & Co-Founder

Education is the stepping stone to unlocking economic value for individuals and society. My personal goal is to accelerate unlocking that value for students, institutions and society as a whole

Robert Manzer, PhD
Chief Academic Officer & Co-Founder

A lot of students need help, and they are not getting that help from their institutions, despite much effort. My work with institutions is creating that bridge that students need.

Luis Felipe Rincon
COO / Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

We have the opportunity to build the tools that can power a new infrastructure for higher ed where students and institutions benefit from increased flexibility and efficiency.

David Daniels

I am passionate about helping institutions increase access to quality and affordable education for students to increase persistence and completion.

Osei Bonsu
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

I solve problems.

Nathan Green
Vice President of Business Development & Co-Founder

We are about bringing efficiency to improve an education system that is critical to our nation’s future.

Stephanie Gantos
Chief Financial Officer

My personal purpose is to work on solutions that increase the accessibility and affordability of education. Acadeum is directly aligned with this mission.

Brock Hansen
Senior Vice President of Sales and Partner Success

My goal is the success of the institutions that I work with every day. Through course sharing, institutions are improving student progress, addressing equity gaps, and optimizing efficiency.

Catherine Silvestri, M.S.
Vice President of Technology Solution Strategy

I want to unlock an institution’s ability to offer their students an expanded path towards achieving their goals. When we make it easy for institutions to collaborate, everyone benefits.

Gaby DeLeon
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

As a first-generation college graduate, I know first-hand the complexities that students navigate. My experience fuels my desire to pave a better path for tomorrow’s students.

Leann de Leon
Vice President of Marketing

Addressing equity gaps in higher education is my passion. I’m proud to be part of a team that is supporting institutions in their mission to help more students persist and thrive.

Jim Chitwood, D.M.
Vice President of Teaching Institution Operations

It is too common that students have trouble finding an effective path to graduation. Acadeum is one significant way to constructing that path.

Rick Ostrander
Regional Vice President of Academic Partnerships

My career working with private universities lets me greatly appreciate how being a part of Acadeum is meeting a significant need within the industry.

Hadra Brown
Regional Vice President of Academic Partnerships

I love helping college and university leaders implement solutions that make a real impact on student success, retention, and institutional efficiency.

Will Friesen
Regional Vice President of Academic Partnerships

I am convinced more than ever that the future of a robust learning experience for students requires greater collaboration within higher education institutions.

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