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Pathways Available from the Acadeum Network

Discover how your institution can deliver new in-demand majors or minors for both undergraduate and graduate programs in these industry-aligned pathways to attract and retain enrollment. Leverage data-driven insights to determine which new programs to launch or how to modernize and diversify your existing academic portfolio with specializations and concentrations. These are just some examples for you to consider at your institution:

Technology & Cybersecurity

Discover programs in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Information Technology, and Web Design

Allied Health & Health Sciences

Discover programs leading to degrees in Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Information Management, Medical Coding and Billing, Diet and Nutrition, and Health Sciences

Business, Finance & Leadership

Discover programs in Accounting, HR Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Public Relations

Discover the Acadeum Advantage

Navigating the dynamic educational landscape can be complex. By partnering with Acadeum, your institution can quickly deliver new programs to generate revenue and bolster enrollment.

Customize your institution’s program

Access flexible course and certificate offerings that match a variety of academic calendars to create programs to meet unique student and institutional needs.

Generate enrollment before investing

Get started with low upfront investment and no minimum enrollment hurdles to test and launch in-demand programs.

Launch quickly with dedicated expertise

Gain immediate access to a like-minded or mission-aligned peer network of accredited institutions within the Acadeum network.

Sustainable Solutions to Maintain a Competitive Edge

Learn how program sharing is helping colleges and universities to:

  • Attract new student populations by delivering in-demand certifications, courses, and programs
  • Launch new or bolster existing workforce-aligned programs
  • Create points of differentiation and maintain a competitive edge
  • Go to market with accredited programs that mirror market demand with speed and confidence

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Hear from Institutions Within the Acadeum Network

Discover how Albertus Magnus College has partnered with Quinnipiac University to create a new pathway for students to earn a master’s degree while working to meet regional workforce demand.

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“Acadeum provided the immediate opportunity to systematically manage the registrations, enrollment data, grades, course details, and syllabi, as well as the financial exchange, rather than creating manual procedures or adding workload to facilitate this collaboration, which allowed us to get right to serving our students.”

-Marc M. Camille
Albertus Magnus College

“The variety that we are offering now, there is no way we could have done it all in house, especially with the seven-month startup. From the time the program was approved in March, we were teaching students at the end of August.”

-Lisa Wilder
Albright College
Interim Dean and Associate Professor of Economics

To scale up, we’ve used course sharing to add a new MBA program and two new majors, cybersecurity and justice administration. And, as students transition into these new programs, course sharing makes it easy to complete necessary prerequisites with flexible options that work with students’ schedules.

-Jamila S. Lyn
Benedict College
Director of Specialized Programming

The opportunity to create new minors and majors while maintaining your mission is critical to any institution’s growth and sustainability. Through Acadeum, we can course and even program share more easily, allowing us to meet the demand for new degrees in much less time and cost.

-Ted Song, PhD
John Brown University
Chief Diversity Officer

We put together our version of a computer science major, a program based on feedback from expert faculty and regional employers; 25% of the degree is offered from Saint Leo’s courses.

-Dr. Ann C. Fulop
Eureka College
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

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The Acadeum team comprises educators and former academic leaders of institutional and system-wide online learning initiatives. With proven experience in launching innovative curricular models across institution types, our team can provide consultation and architect solutions customized to your institutional needs. Contact us today.