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Connect to Acadeum’s Expansive Network of Quality Learning

Our team is uniquely positioned to offer high schools the platform, pathways, and professional services to bridge high school and higher education with thousands of courses available.

Dual Enrollment & CTE Courses

Access thousands of college courses from regionally accredited institutions giving high school students exposure to college-level learning and reducing the time and cost of getting a degree.

Taking dual enrollment courses online is a convenient way to expose high school students to the academic rigor of a college course, without the commitment of an AP exam. Enroll in advanced courses to get ahead of requirements not met by AP credits aligned to a particular specialization, major, or career path.

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Early College Pathways

High schools can leverage Acadeum's vast network to access over 25 unique associate's degrees from dozens of two-year and four-year institutions.

Eligible sophomores can start an early college pathway to earn an associate's degree at the same time as their high school diploma, saving time and money.

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Teacher Education

Explore options to complete teacher certification by accessing graduate courses and degrees available through the Acadeum network.

Bolster the teacher workforce by expanding access to thousands of graduate courses and degrees to complete teacher certification. Leverage the Acadeum network to create solutions for teachers looking to continue their education.

Serving High Schools

As the largest network in higher education, Acadeum can provide high schools with access to dual enrollment and CTE courses as well as early college pathways in every state. Acadeum Course Share provides schools with a platform to seamlessly enroll their students, purchase courses, receive grades, and request transcripts.

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Supporting Students

Taking dual enrollment courses online is a convenient way for high school students to be exposed to the academic rigor of a college course, by learning alongside other college students, without the commitment or cost of an AP exam. For students who are uncertain about their path ahead, Acadeum’s catalog offers a low-risk option to explore courses in different majors and supplement availability from nearby colleges and universities.

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What We Offer

Connect to Acadeum’s Expansive Network of Quality Learning

Deeply discounted courses at both two-year and four-year institutions across the country, for high school and college credit

The largest course catalog in higher education, including general education, workforce-aligned, DEI-focused, faith-based, and specialty courses like computer science and nursing

A platform to manage all enrollments, payments, and the secure and seamless exchange of student data, grades, and transcripts

“I used Acadeum to access online courses for my students when I was the Dean at a nearby college. After joining Maritime, I realized the same college-level courses could be used for my high school students as dual enrollment.”

-Marie Larcara
Western New York Maritime Charter School
Ed.D, Dual Enrollment Coordinator

“The platform is simple to use, and a network of hundreds of colleges and thousands of courses gives us the ability to choose the online options our students want.”

-Anmar Hale
K12 Private Academy
Lead School Counselor

“The biggest value I see with Acadeum is that it is a nationally recognized platform. That kind of infrastructure has given us so much to work with.”

-Molly McLoughlin
Northampton Public Schools
Digital Literacy & Computer Science Director

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