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Solutions To Meet Your Goals

Acadeum offers strategic solutions to expand academic capacity of the colleges and universities in the network.

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Boost Degree Completion

Support students on their path to graduation by eliminating hurdles to progress

Course sharing boosts student progress and degree completion by reducing scheduling barriers, helping students meet prerequisite requirements, enabling time-pressed student athletes to meet credit and GPA thresholds, and much more.

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Drive Curricular Innovation

Expand programs or create new majors to accelerate enrollments

Acadeum helps colleges and universities leverage offerings from other institutions to meet diverse student interests while focusing limited resources on their greatest strengths, strategies for innovation, and essential points of differentiation.

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Generate New Revenue

Generate revenue by offering in-demand curriculum

Institutions generate revenue by keeping tuition-paying students enrolled by offering in-demand certifications, courses, and programs. Our team of curricular experts can provide consultation and data-driven analysis to ensure your institution meets regional workforce needs to mirror market demand.

Serving Institutions

Regardless of endowment size, or how selective a school’s admission process, public and private institutions are facing difficult realities when it comes to enrollments and financial stability, and boards are asking tough questions. Explore how hundreds of colleges and universities are finding success by through the Acadeum network.

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Attracting and Retaining the Modern-Day Learner

Learners are imagining degree completion in new, innovative ways. Expectations have shifted, resulting in the need for flexibility in degree pathways and offerings along the life-long learning continuum. More than 475 higher education institutions use the Acadeum network and technology platform to expand academic capacity, helping to keep learners on track to graduation, generate and recover revenue, bolster existing or launch new programs, and attract new populations of learners with workforce-aligned curricula and stackable certifications.

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Explore the Networks We Power

Acadeum powers the world's largest course-sharing network, incorporating cooperatives created by like-minded institutions and educational associations.

“Acadeum’s done a great job providing partnerships for us and giving us the front door. Working in tandem with Acadeum, we are able to deliver a solution for students and other schools.”

-Shawn Stewart
Southeastern University
Dean and Chief Operating Officer

Course sharing allows us the opportunity to save and retain students by permitting them the chance to help clean their academic records…and improve their GPAs, while never leaving our institution.

-Lisa Henderson
Baldwin Wallace University
Associate Provost

I don’t know what we would have done to help these students if we didn’t have Acadeum.

-Steve Jacobs
Piedmont University
Associate Dean

The versatility in the scheduling, the variety of courses available, and the value to both the university and the student make Acadeum a wonderful partner for us.

-Glenda Ballard
St. Edward's University
Associate Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies


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