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Discover How Course Sharing Can Boost Student and Institutional Success

Acadeum helps institutions apply the right course sharing strategies to meet their goals.

Recapture revenue

Institutions face numerous sources where revenue leaks and takes critical dollars away, specifically through transfer credit during summer terms. By leveraging course sharing, your institution can identify external courses most frequently transferred back in, and offer those courses directly.

Fill open seats

As enrollment declines occur, institutions can leverage course sharing to fill open seats in already scheduled courses. As a Teaching Institution, course sharing creates untapped value with your excess capacity.

Reach new markets

Institutions are looking for low-risk ways to diversify and expand on opportunities in the online space to attract prospective students, increase enrollments, and drive revenue. By leveraging course sharing, institutions can attract new students with dual enrollment courses, delivering certifications and credentials, and offering in-demand courses and programs that are costly to create.

Academic Leaders’ Guide to Generating and Recovering Revenue

Learn how course sharing creates significant and measurable impacts:

  • Recapture revenue lost by students transferring courses back to your institution
  • Retain tuition-paying students who are at risk of “stopping out” by providing them with the courses they need, when they need them, from the Acadeum network
  • Reduce instructional and course development costs by incorporating high-quality offerings to bolster your flexibility and responsiveness
  • Leverage the untapped value of your excess capacity as a Teaching Institution by filling open seats

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Hear from Institutions Within the Acadeum Network

Discover how institutions within the Acadeum network are using course sharing to generate and recover revenue.

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Course sharing has become ingrained in our academic culture. Students are asking for them, taking ownership. They’re planning for their future and know they can finish early.

-Dr. Glenell Lee-Pruit
Jarvis Christian University

I look at the tuition the student paid, minus the scholarship and any fees, to see what we gained as a result of retaining the student. When we did that analysis, for the 300 students we’ve helped over two years with Acadeum, it amounted to $275k of revenue we would have lost.

-Ryan Quann
Goldey-Beacom College

We started our course sharing journey selling empty seats to recover some revenue we were just leaving on the table. And just about every eight weeks, because of the empty seats selling, we generate over $20,000 in revenue.

-Dr. Stephen Wears
Point University
Chief Academic Officer

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How can course sharing help you achieve your goals?