Matching students to transfer friendly pathways

Introducing the ICUTF Transfer Portal Powered by Acadeum
The Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Foundation along with the Texas Success Center at the Texas Association of Community Colleges have joined forces with Acadeum to support Texas associate degree earners in completing their bachelor’s degrees online, and make every credit count.

A new program for degree completion

Download our guide to learn how the ICUTF Transfer Portal will connect associate degree earners with more transfer-friendly and convenient online degrees from across Texas.

How it works

The portal automates articulation, application, and admissions to help students enroll in the best pathway, based on major, time, and cost for completion.
1. Upload Student Info

The portal uses data from participating two-year schools’ SIS to show estimated transferrable credit hours and cost of completion (less estimated eligible financial aid) for all available degrees in the program. This allows the student to select the best pathway possible.

2. Students Apply

Students apply and (if qualified) are instantly accepted through the system, and can begin interacting directly with interested schools, which will provide an official award letter and schedule.

3. Students Are Accepted

Students approve the release of their transcript and other required information via their two-year school, and begin taking classes at their four-year school.

Benefits to Participating Pilot Schools

Two-Year Schools
  • Offer your students an incentive to complete their Associate Degree
  • Track by major the Associate Degree alumni that go on to earn bachelor’s degree
  • Validate the transferability of your students’ General Education and upper-level courses
  • Seamlessly and securely transfer data from your Student Information System (SIS) to the four-year university’s SIS
  • If desired, continue providing academic and advisory services to your alumni
Four-Year Schools
  • Access more transfer students who have already completed their Associate Degree
  • Participate in a statewide pathway project to better serve students in Texas
  • Partner with new community colleges outside your region
  • Securely receive all the data needed to financially package, admit, and enroll students
  • Better meet state goals in 60x30TX by granting degrees to more students with little to no debt


Interested in offering more flexible pathways to your associates degree students or to your online bachelor’s degrees? Find out how Acadeum’s technology and services can be used for your institution.