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Meet the Needs of Today's Learners

Acadeum is helping colleges and universities expand academic capacity, keep learners on track to graduation, generate and recover revenue, bolster existing or launch new programs, and attract new populations of learners with workforce-aligned curricula and stackable certifications.

Getting to Know Today's Learners

According to research from Lumina Foundation, the identity of today’s students looks different and is shifting expectations around the need for flexibility in degree pathways and offerings.

64% of students work with 40% of them working full time

57% of students live independently - away from parents or campus housing

49% of students are financially independent of their parents

24% of students have dependents of their own

Advancing Learners Across the Education-Career Continuum

Acadeum helps colleges and universities deliver in-demand certifications, courses, and programs to meet the needs of today's learners.

Retain Current Students

Keep students on track to degree completion by increasing course access

Attract Regional Workforce & Alumni

Create stackable pathways offering learners non-credit learning opportunities

Matriculate New Populations of Learners

Provide learners access to in-demand online learning opportunities

Supporting Students

6 in 10 students say they have experienced difficulty enrolling in classes they need to meet requirements. 42% of students who frequently have trouble finding courses agree they will stop attending their current school if they’re unable to enroll in the classes they need.

Fulfilling Graduate School Prerequisites

Mia Douglas, a May 2024 graduate of Benedict College, utilized course sharing to help obtain the prerequisites she needed to get into the graduate program of her dreams.

Staying On Track to Degree Completion

Texas A&M Senior, Matter Kastl, stayed on track to degree completion by leveraging course sharing.

Enhancing the Online Learning Experience

Charlotte Kennedy, a recent Jarvis Christian University graduate, utilized course sharing to stay on track for an on-time graduation.


Explore How Your Institution Can Expand In-Demand Offerings

Discover How

“The true benefit of course sharing is obviously the sooner a student can complete the degree, the sooner they can become leaders in their communities and their careers. “

-Melvin Foster
Morehouse College
Associate Professor of Voice, Associate Provost for Student Success

Acadeum has been absolutely essential in helping us tweak and pivot. As a teaching institution, we’ve seen over 200% growth in revenue in the last three years.

-Ron Lonzo
Tiffin University
Vice President of What’s Next

“Acadeum aids in or enhances our retention and persistence rate and our graduation rate.”

-Elaine Bromfield
Tuskegee University
Registrar and Assistant Professor, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences

The courses offered through Acadeum have really been life-savers for many of our students.

-Jeff Elwell
University of the Ozarks
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Student athletes with eligibility challenges especially benefit [from course sharing], as our coaches work directly with faculty academic advisors to help students remain eligible.

-Susan Burns
Clarke University
Vice President for Academic Affairs

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