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How Course Sharing Makes a Measurable Impact on Campus

The modern-day learner requires flexibility, and institutions are seeking innovative ways to complete pathways, deliver new programs, and offer workforce solutions. Recent statistics highlight the need to stay nimble and responsive for the betterment of higher education and lend insight to what the modern-day learner looks like.

According to the Lumina Foundation, 64 percent of college students work to support themselves and 37 percent of students are 25 or older. Additionally, 46 percent of first generation college students and 24 percent of students support children or other dependents. The statistics emphasize that the modern-day learner navigates additional complexities on their college journey, including significant financial considerations, and convenient class times and course availability are critical for on-time graduation. 

Colleges and universities are looking for ways to support the modern-day learner while removing barriers to completion. Course sharing powered by the Acadeum network boosts institutional efforts to support the modern-day learner by keeping students on track to graduation by providing flexibility, allowing for academic recovery, and reducing course scheduling blocks. Over 475 institutions comprise the Acadeum network, and they all maintain institutional oversight and autonomy while benefiting from a network. 

Through the Acadeum network, Teaching Institutions generate revenue and retain at-risk students by selling open seats to like-minded institutions. Home Institutions supplement their academic offerings with select courses from partner institutions, creating essential points of differentiation to help drive enrollments and better prepare students for in-demand careers. Keep reading to hear how Drury University, Gordon College, and Ranger College are increasing impact on campus and supporting the modern-day learner through course sharing. 

Course Sharing Helps Drury University Meet the Needs of the Modern-Day Learner 

Drury University prioritizes meeting the diverse needs of the modern-day learner. Through course sharing with the Acadeum network, the university connects its academic advisors to the Acadeum team for support and guidance to ensure the university navigates the course sharing process effectively.

Karim Moukrime, director of academic and student affairs, reflected on how course sharing helps the university support diverse student needs and said, “Course sharing through Acadeum has been instrumental in providing our students with access to a wider range of courses and helping them stay on track to graduate on time.” 

Given the positive impact on student success, Drury University continues to increase the number of courses offered through the consortium, and Moukrime noted that, as a result, “[We] went from two classes in the summer of 2021 to 19 classes in the spring of 2024, and students have benefited greatly from this expanded access.” Most recently, the college enrolled 63 students through the consortium from 29 different institutions. 

Ensuring that students graduate on time is important. Course sharing bolsters the university’s efforts to achieve that goal by accessing scheduling options and courses that may not be offered in sequence with a student’s graduation pathway. 

In the event in which a consortium course is the only solution to help students graduate on time, the course sharing team at Drury communicates with the student through their advisor.  This process helps to remove barriers and empowers advisors to communicate with their students about course sharing and the consortium.

Gordon College Utilizes Course Sharing as a Student Success Strategy 

Gordon College utilizes course sharing as a strategy to support students who may be struggling academically or to accommodate students with disabilities. By offering a wider range of courses through the consortium, and providing  additional options to help students complete their degree requirements, Gordon College can better meet the diverse needs of its student population and support student progress. 

Alyson Longacre, director of Gordon’s Academic Success Center, reflected thatcourse sharing supports student success and said, “Acadeum has been a valuable tool for us, allowing students to access courses they may need for grade recovery, major changes, or other academic challenges. It has helped us provide more options and support for our students in their academic journeys and served as a valuable resource for academic support staff.”

Gordon College’s academic counselors work one on one with the students. Course sharing supports the work of the Academic Success Center by supporting student selection of majors and increasing access to courses they need to complete their academic journeys. Four counselors at the college work on getting students into courses offered by the consortium, and the suspension intervention is critical, especially leading up to summer.

Specifically, the college has seen course sharing help retain students who may initially plan to major in biology and then change their mind or for students needing access to a language course not offered at Gordon. Course sharing supports the pivot to a new major by giving advisors and students access to more classes and ensures students can take the language of their choice. 

Ranger College Utilizes Course Sharing as an Intervention Tactic

As a landlocked rural college, it’s essential for Ranger College to support the modern-day learner with academic options and scheduling flexibility. Ranger College utilizes course sharing as an intervention tactic to support students by helping them maintain full-time status, complete necessary courses for athletic eligibility, or accelerate their academic progress. 

Gabe Lewis, director of counseling and dean of student life, shared that course sharing helps the college support the modern-day learner and said, “At Ranger College, we understand the importance of supporting students who may be facing obstacles in their academic journey. Course sharing has allowed us to provide our students with more options for completing their degree requirements, especially in situations where traditional courses may not be available. Acadeum has been a valuable partner in this effort, helping us expand access to high-quality courses and support our students’ success.”

As a Teaching Institution, Ranger College also utilizes the consortium to generate revenue and support students from other institutions. The college has helped students from over 20 different institutions satisfy requirements to continue on their academic pathway, including high-level science courses and even psychology. 

Recently, the college graduated its largest class ever. Lewis reflected on this success by saying, “Acadeum has been there for us. We’ve seen positive outcomes in terms of student retention, completion rates, and overall academic success.”

Embracing Course Sharing for a Brighter Educational Future

Course sharing is proving to be a vital tool for higher education institutions in meeting the diverse needs of modern-day learners. By offering flexibility, supporting academic recovery, and providing access to a broader range of courses, institutions like Drury University, Gordon College, and Ranger College are seeing tangible benefits. 

Through the Acadeum network, colleges can enhance their academic offerings while retaining students and generating revenue. The success stories from these institutions highlight the significant and positive impact of course sharing on student success and institutional growth. As higher education continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like course sharing will be essential for supporting student achievement and institutional resilience.

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