College Consortium is Now Acadeum

Unlocking Student Progress: Introducing Acadeum

We are excited to call you a partner of College Consortium as we celebrate all that we have accomplished together on our journey to build the largest network of more than 200 institutions sharing courses across 130+ consortia. We remain the same great team, platform, and service, but we wanted to let you know that we have updated our look and resources.

What’s New?


We are now called Acadeum. We have expanded from a connector of institutions to a collaborator and gathering place that allows students access to high-quality courses. Together, we’re working with colleges and universities to unlock capacity across a multitude of consortial course sharing networks, including several national and state associations. This kaleidoscope of interconnected networks respects the myriad angles of shared affinity among our partners while enabling home institutions to provide students expanded opportunities to succeed from as broad a set of partners as possible while creating new opportunities for all participating institutions to increase revenue.

As our consortial partnerships increase and name their own consortia, “Acadeum” removes the redundancy “College Consortium” provided from the nomenclature while broadening the opportunity for future product and market development beyond the existing Academic Sharing Platform™ (“ASP”).


Our new logo represents a transformation of complexity to simplicity through a neural network. From left to right, two connection points lead to one through a complex exchange that, when powered by Acadeum, is simplified for our customers.

11 Solutions

We have developed a new solution set of eleven strategies in partnership with network colleges and universities using online course-sharing to advance student progress and support on-time graduation.

We are also excited to unveil the inaugural Acadeum Case Study showcasing how Eureka College unlocked the power of course sharing to help 81% of struggling students regain good academic standing, increase freshman retention by 6.5%, and add $419,694 in revenue to its 2019-2020 academic year.

What’s Next?

We look forward to continuing to help your institution advance student progress and generate revenue. We’re continuing to work on updates and improvements to your Admin and Student accounts. No action needed just yet, but we’ll be reaching out in the coming months to train you on the latest features and functionality.

We are excited to continue to grow our course sharing community and exchange learnings from one another. Explore all the new changes at, sign in to your ASP account, and join us as we continue on the journey of unlocking institutional resources to support student progress, one course at a time.

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Josh Pierce
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder